Luca Martino
Less Confidence, more Credible. Be Bayesian.

♦ Current position: postdoc
Universitat de València => Image Processing Laboratory (IPL) => Image and Signal Processing Group (ISP)
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♦ Previous position: postdoc (São Paulo Research Foundation FAPESP)
University of São Paulo (USP) => Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Computing (ICMC-USP; at Sao Carlos)
♦ Previous position: postdoc
University of Helsinki => Faculty of Science => Department of Mathematics and Statistics => Bayesian Statistics Group
♦ Previous position:
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid => Departamento de Teoria de la Señal y Comunicaciones => Signal Processing Group

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"Kan-Que-Dinsky-NoMuerde", June 2016
Moto GP Luca Martino
"Moto-GP art", Nov. 2014

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